Alfred Hruschka 

ALFRED HRUSCHKA - An approach to his creativity
Uschi Edlinger, 2013

Alfred Hruschka has an unique approach to art: his creative path was autodidactically determined by constant exchange with humans, nature, philosophy and mentors. One of these was Eva Choung-Fux, who led his experiments with different materials and his printing skills to a pictorial way. She accompanied Hruschka for over 15 years and gave him the strength to emerge from anonymity and to take the challenge of an artistic discourse.

Of course the creative path of an artist can never be completed, as well as his works. The impacts of his art are in an open communication with the unconscious of the spectator.

Every material and component in Hruschkas objects, carries his own story. Jute, textile fabric and yarn as a cohesive basic requirement, are the key elements in the process of change, that Hruschka would like to achieve entirely unpretentious. His deferential, curious approach and respect for even damaged, forgotten or broken things, allows him direct access into human conditions.

Hruschka sees himself only as part of the whole creative process, in a mutual dialogue of give and take. He does not dictate or impose anything, nor force any kind of interpretation of his art or his working materials. When his objects - consisting of elements, that are witnesses of their time - find the direct link to the audience, his mission would be completed.

His works are not plannend. They come into existance during a fluent creative working process, with all the influences and events that happen "randomly" at the same time. It is an active exchange with the material, everything is part of the whole - the essence of change.

When Hruschkas art could trigger change, it would be his greatest honor. But it is up to each of us, to discover new varieties in our life and allow transformation. We have to stop our everyday routines, leave accustomed avenues and explore new worlds.

The right moment is pure illusion, cause reality is always now!

Change is now!

We don't own the future, but we own the moment.

     Let's get into the art of Alfred Hruschka...
     Let's trust him as a silent companion of a trip to our constantly mutable experiences...
     Let's succumb to his subtle object messages and our unconscious reflections to it...
     Let's close our eyes in joyful anticipation of a new state of mind, that will happen for sure...

Unobtrusive. Unstoppable. Effective.

Art. A possibility.

Our artist. A transformer.